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Recent Grant Helps Build Community, Create Inclusive Spaces and Change Perceptions in Rome, Georgia

Rome, GA February 8, 2020 – ART. MUSIC. PURPOSE. (AMP) was recently awarded a grant managed by Global Ubuntu and funded by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD). With the grant, the organization will launch Welcoming Community Dialogues in their communities and join a cohort of other grantees in cities throughout Georgia.

AMP is excited to conduct a number of open and inclusive dialogues with our neighbors, partners, stakeholders, law enforcement, elected officials, and individuals experiencing homelessness in the next nine months. Through artistic performances, vigils, meditations, concerts, plays, poetry readings, round table discussions, and interactive art installations, our goal is to “Ignite Compassion” for the plight of homelessness and to, hopefully, move the needle of understanding and compassion.

“We’re very excited to announce this partnership and begin spreading our message of compassion and inclusivity through the arts in Rome and beyond,” says AMP Founder and President, Jessie Reed.

As a grantee, AMP, becomes a Local Listening and Dialogue group and affiliate of the GCDD Real Communities Partnership. Each Local Listening and Dialogue group has a lead community builder whose role is to build the group, and to support the inclusion of marginalized members of the community – including those with developmental disabilities – in community conversations as organizers, facilitators, and participants. Grantees receive training and development of community builders and coaching and mentoring of grantee leadership to support the planning and facilitation of their dialogues.

“Purposefully involving people with and without developmental disabilities in collaborative projects and community conversations is pivotal to the framework of Welcoming Community Dialogues,” said Sumaya Karimi, founder and director of Global Ubuntu. “We seek to support communities who welcome and utilize the gifts of everyone, including those who have been historically marginalized, and create avenues toward reciprocity, interdependence and social change. And we’re thrilled to have AMP join us in this mission.”

About Welcoming Community Dialogues The aim of the Welcoming Community Dialogues is to create space for community members of differing backgrounds, races and abilities to discuss and dream of a society where everyone is treated with dignity and justice. Conversations can start simply by asking how we can create a fair and welcoming community for all. As a movement of the Real Communities Initiative, an important feature of the Welcoming Community Dialogues is identifying whose voices are missing from the table. Groups and individuals who host Welcoming Community Dialogues bring people from the margins to the heart of community - creating spaces for community members with and without developmental disabilities to lead in organizing and facilitating community conversations. Through this grant, Global Ubuntu and GCDD provide Local Listening and Dialogue groups with financial, facilitation and mentoring support along their journeys to create welcoming communities and neighborhoods.

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