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AMP's roots are within Rome, Georgia, where a diverse group of local citizens staged a peaceful counter protest to a neo-Nazi rally held downtown in April 2016. The citizens called themselves Turn Your Back on Hate and pledged to gather again should any other events inspire them to turn up the volume of love and awareness within their town. 


True to this pledge, Turn Your Back on Hate assembled to provide food to displaced victims of natural disasters and to host compassion centered vigils following the Orlando nightclub mass shooting, the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the death of immigrant families in detention centers along the United States' southern border. 


By providing a forum for acknowledging and responding to local, regional and national landmark events, they witnessed firsthand the breadth and depth of both diversity and unity among Rome, Georgia's community members. They also experienced the power of simply coming together as a force of peace.

Turn Your Back On Hate + Peacefully Engaging the Rome Community


Love loudly

The artists within Turn Your Back on Hate formed a group called PERC dedicated to Peacefully Engaging the Rome Community.


PERC hosted a series of events including a poetry reading, stage shows, radio plays, concerts, group meditations, an initiative to place pianos on Rome's street corners and a winter festival. 


Standing for art, music and purpose—AMP represents the formal convergence of Turn Your Back on Hate and PERC.


It encourages community members to love loudly through the actions they take, the art they make and the time they spend together.

Our Mission

AMP's mission is to compassionately reveal the dynamic scope of community members' differences while also providing opportunities to connect through creative events and service opportunities centered on art, music and/or a distinct sense of purpose. 


AMP is open to acting independently, as well as to collaborating with similarly minded groups on specific projects which naturally synchronize with AMP's purpose. While AMP's central focus is Rome, Georgia, USA, the organization is poised to amplify its reach throughout the region and beyond.

We are a non-profit and would love your support!

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